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PRVN CONSULTANTS provides professional engineering services to a broad range of clients.



3D Design

Laser Scanning

Arc Flash

Hydraulic Modeling

Pipe Stress Analysis




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We provide valuation, study, renovation, and design services for the following types of facilities:


•  Combined Heat and Power Plants

•  Central Chilled Water Plants

•  Central Heating Plants

•  Power Generation Plants

•  Industrial Manufacturing Facilities


We provide the following services:

•  Commissioning

•  Emissions Control Studies and Design

•  Chilled Water Distribution System Evaluation,

   Study, and Design

•  Steam and Condensate and Electric Distribution
   System Evaluation, Study, and Design

•  Project Planning and Management

•  Feasibility Studies

•  Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

•  Plant Maintenance Projects

•  Utility Master Planning

•  Energy Audits

•  3D and CAD Design and Laser Scanning